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  • The Best Las Vegas Waxing Salon

    “The best” is always subjective.  When you say that something is the best, you are generally referring to your personal opinion of it, based upon a comparison to other things... Continue reading

  • De-Stigmatizing Anal Bleaching

    Anal bleaching is the simple process of utilizing a bleaching agent to lighten the skin surrounding your anus.  While there are many people who attempt the process at home (generally... Continue reading

  • Anal Bleaching, What You Need To Know

    Anal bleaching is one of those things that people rarely talk about, yet everyone has heard about.  While many people may be interested in the procedure, many more are uncomfortable... Continue reading

  • More Men Are Getting Waxed

    Over the past few years, there has been a significant increase in the amount of men who are choosing waxing over shaving. This is a natural progression as there has... Continue reading

  • Getting Waxed Before The Holidays

    It is common for some people to deviate from their regular practices around special occasions. This might mean things like working out or dieting in the time leading up to... Continue reading

  • Anal Bleaching

    At Wax Hair Removal Bar locations, we do anal bleaching.  Yes, you read that correctly, one of the services that we do for our clients is anal bleaching.  The reason... Continue reading

  • Get Professionally Waxed

    OK so you have made the decision to try waxing.  You realized that it is superior to shaving for looks and times in between the procedure, and now you are... Continue reading

  • Waxing Produces Better Results

    Lets face it, waxing hurts.  When people are considering a method of hair removal, they are usually comparing waxing to shaving, and mulling over the pain that is involved with... Continue reading

  • Waxing Or Shaving?

    One of the more common questions that gets asked is “why is waxing better than shaving?” Well this question can be answered many ways, but it is probably best to... Continue reading

  • Waxing Franchise Opportunity

    The ability to work for yourself is a fantastic thing, and the dream of many young entrepreneurs to one day own their own business and become financially independent sometimes just... Continue reading


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