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Our hard & soft wax has developed over 8 years to provide the most painless wax you will ever experience.


Searching for natural skin lightening options? Ask about out skin lightening services featuring all natural products.


Being the Official waxing salon to the world famous Chippendales ™ we are proud that we specialize in male waxing.




Add some drama to your lashes and brows today – Men don’t be shy this is a great natural look for you too!


If you’ve tried our facials you will know that it’s a hidden gem in our service list. All facials feature Eminence Organic Products and come with an upper body massage.


Get those pearly whites you have always wanted. Get those pearly whites you have always wanted. Get those pearly whites you have always wanted.


Focusing on the problem areas you cant get to, let our Waxperts help you get silky smooth with our body treatments.


Is waxing always painful for you? Check out of numbing solutions and pre-wax tips for a more painless wax.

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This service helps in preventing in-grown hairs, rashes and inflammation. Results are incredible! Combine with your waxing service as part of your bikini waxing regimen * *Available for females only

Blast away blackheads, purify pores and relieve redness with our decongesting, purifying deep pore back facial.

Those annoying little bumps that you feel on your rear that you sometimes try to scratch off are actually called folliculitis, which everyone has to some degree.

Recommended for acne-prone or sun damaged skin. This treatment included deep cleansing, exfoliation and extractions. A peel may be added to achieve maximum results, followed by a soothing mask. A must for men who wax

We offer specifically custom made to order treatments for your skin concerns. Dry skin, acne, ageing, skin dullness, rosacea or sensitivity; we will create a custom treatment specifically for you that produces immediate benefits in skin texture, clarity, firmness & radiance.

Accelerate the exfoliation process with this enzyme peel that removes dead skin cells, reduces the appearance of pigmentation, fine lines and sun damage.

Want to get rid of a pesky blemish? Our high frequency machine kills the bacteria on contact and delivers an instant noticeable difference

Be in the most relaxed and best state for your new baby. Using only natural ingredients, this safe and gentle belly treatment will melt away any stress in your life and leave you with skin as soft as a baby’s bottom!

Get the results of longer lasting hair removal for your intimate area. (Area: Pelvic Bone, Shaft, Scrotum and BTC.

Show off your butt has been a “Thing” for a while, so put your best hairless butt forward (Area: Between butt cheeks/ Butt Strip Excludes: Derriere)

Shred your winter coat with our amazing back wax and be more comfortable in your own skin (Excludes: Shoulders, upper Derriere, and sides of torso)


Get rid of sightly nose and ears today. Our hard wax was designed to remove even the most stubborn hairs with ease.

Change your ring tone. Our anal lightening service works by suppressing skin pigment which is different from its harsh “bleaching” alternative. Through the use of natural ingredients, our products will lighten your skin back to its orignal and natural tone. Ask us about it today.

These are frequently asked questions by clients. Of course the answer is NO! You’re not weird or abnormal. Discoloration of the anal area is quite common. There are many reasons why this occurs. However, dark discoloration of the anus tends to be a result of hormonal changes that may arise after pregnancy or simply with aging. Removing the hair in these areas makes it more noticeable. The treatment is popular with both men and women.

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Get visibly darker lashes. Our Waxperts will help you to achieve a darker fuller look without the need for lash extensions.


Hello game changer. Do you spend too much of you time on you brow every morning when you would prefer to wake up with the appearance of darker, fuller brow? Then your wait is over.

Get your thin over-plucked brows to REHAB, Stat! Service includes a Brow Shape, Tint & Tweeze as well as $5 off BROW REHAB Brow Kits

Need to tidy up around the edges. Try our Basic Bikini (Area: Removes hair outside a standard pair of bikini briefs. Excludes: pelvis bone, labia or BTC)

Do it like the French, Let us get you almost hairless. (Area: Pelvis bone and Sides. Excludes: Labia or BTC)

Get the brows you have always wanted. Using your unique body structure and features our waxperts will tailor your brows to create a dramatic yet clean


Want a smooth Brazilian wax that does not leave your skin dry and chapped. Try our proven hard & soft wax method today. [Area: Pelvis bone, 2″ inner thigh, labia and BTC]. For Females Only

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