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Anal bleaching is one of those things that people rarely talk about, yet everyone has heard about.  While many people may be interested in the procedure, many more are uncomfortable with it simply due to a lack of knowledge and understanding of what is happening and what the outcome will be.  Wax Hair Removal Bar offers anal bleaching at it’s salons, and offers the procedure on both sexes.

Anal bleaching is the process of applying a specialized bleach that has been designed to be mild enough to not irritate the sensitive tissues around your anus in a controlled setting.  There are many home bleaching products on the market that have limited success rates due to the fact that the bleach must be kept quite weak in order to ensure that customers cannot harm themselves by leaving it on too long, or not getting the types of results you are seeking.  The possibility of irritating the tissues surrounding your anus with the application of a bleaching agent is quite possible, which is why we always suggest having the procedure professionally done.  A professional understands exactly how long that the bleaching agent should be left on, and also understands both the application process as well as the follow up.  Within our salons, a specialized bleaching agent is used that has been hand selected by our management in order to provide the best results.  After cleansing the area and preparing it, the bleach is applied and allowed to sit for a short period of time.  It is then removed and the area is cleaned again in order to remove all residue of the bleach.  Afterward, a soothing agent is applied in order to assure no irritation occurs.

What can be expected as far as results? You can expect the area around your anus to be bleached one to to shades lighter than it currently is.  The area around your anus turns darker as the pigment in the skin reacts to heat and irritation over time.  Most people will experience a darkening of the anal area as they get older, simply as part of the natural aging process.  Anal bleaching is a way to keep a youthful appearance for all of those who might see that area!

So how many treatments do I need in order to get my anus bleached? Actually, you only need one in order to see results, but some people do come back for multiple treatments.  Naturally, the darkness of the area is going to be individual, and is going to be different for everyone.  Additionally, the shade to which you want to lighten the area is going to be different for everyone, so you may need multiple bleachings in order to get the effect you desired.  It is better to come in multiple sessions over a timeframe than to try to do it all in one day, as irritation will probably occur if you attempt to bleach over an area that has just been bleached.  Ask your Waxpert their opinion as to how many sessions you will need.