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“The best” is always subjective.  When you say that something is the best, you are generally referring to your personal opinion of it, based upon a comparison to other things of the same type.  If you are referring to a skill set and calling someone the best at something, it is usually based on some kind of competing comparison that proves that one thing is better at something than another.  There is usually a way to debate the claims of being the best, by considering different factors or somehow shifting the focus somewhere else.  So with all that said, here is our claim, we are the best waxing salon in Las Vegas.  We are also the best waxing salon in Vancouver.  Chances are that our competition would not agree with us, but our customers do.  The majority of our clients are not first time customers, and instead are repeat clients who have been visiting us for waxing services for a long time.  Most of our Waxperts have a loyal following, and are requested specifically when a client they work with is coming in for a waxing.  The reason our clients consider us the best waxing salon in the area is because of a few specific things, which we are very proud of.

Our customer service is second to none.  When you contact one of our waxing salons you are going to be greeted professionally and provided with any and all information that you need to make your experience top notch.  We want to make sure that you understand the procedures and how much they cost, as well as what you can do to prepare for your waxing.  Our focus is on you, the customer, having the best experience and getting the best waxing that is possible.  We understand that the ultimate outcome of a smooth and hairless body is your goal, but we figured out a long time ago that the way that the customer experience is approached has a lot to do with how comfortable you are during the waxing.  Many salons try to look like you are at the spa, which may or may not appeal to you.  We prefer to appear more like a medical office, professional, clean and to the point.  Our entire philosophy is to provide the best waxing at the best price, and leave all that other stuff to the spa.

Our products and services are second to none.  We only use staff that has been fully trained in our specific methods of waxing.  We only use products that are chosen for their performance and their effectiveness at not only removing hair, but also reducing the irritation that sometimes follows a waxing procedure.  This combination will provide you with an experience that gets the job done and does it in a way that is professional.  Our locations and salons cater to both men and women, and as such we make every attempt to appeal to both sexes in our presentation and our products/services.  Some salons will not wax a man below the waist.  Some salons will not perform certain procedures on women.  We do not discriminate between men and women with regards to removing unwanted hair.

When you are ready to visit the best waxing salon in Las Vegas or Vancouver, contact us either by phone or book your appointment online.  Once you have tried us, we are sure you will never go to another salon again.  Why? Because we are the best.