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Anal bleaching is the simple process of utilizing a bleaching agent to lighten the skin surrounding your anus.  While there are many people who attempt the process at home (generally with mixed results) there are actually very few professional salons where you can have an anal bleaching procedure completed.  Many times it is even more difficult to find a professional to do an anal bleach if you are male, as most salons have rules about coming in contact with anything below the male waist.  Luckily, Wax Hair Removal Bar has no shy factor and offers all of our treatments for both men and women, including anal bleaching.

So why do people get anal bleaching done? There are a variety of reasons, but essentially they all involve a dissatisfaction with the fact that the skin around your anus darkens over time, and with age.  As you get older, the skin surrounding your anus for about an inch in all directions darkens, and this is accelerated if you have excess heat or friction in that area over time.  For those who are in touch with the way this area looks, they will notice that it is changing color over time and no longer looking the way it did when they were younger.  For this reason, people tend to begin to explore the options they have in order to restore that skin to the color it used to be, giving them a younger and healthier appearance.  While there are different reasons why you would be concerned about the color of the skin in that area ranging from other people seeing it to simply you being the only one seeing it but that you are unhappy with the current color, you do have options to correct the situation.  That option is anal bleaching.

When you come in to our salon for an anal bleaching procedure you will be instructed to take off your clothing below your waist while in a closed room.  The waxpert will enter the room and clean the skin around your anus in order to remove any dirt or debris, and then apply a bleaching agent that is designed specifically to lighten the skin in this area without irritation.  This bleaching agent is left on the skin for less than a minute before being removed and the area is re-cleaned.  A soothing gel is then applied in order to assure no irritation, and your procedure is complete.  You will be provided with follow up instructions, but no further sessions are necessary unless you want to lighten to a whiter shade.

Anal bleaching is a personal choice that is stigmatized by popular media, probably because we are taught that intimate areas should be hidden and ignored.  This is tragic because it hinders the information available to the public about options they have, as well as the way the procedures work.  This can lead to misinformation and fear, and as a result unhappiness about your appearance.  Contact Wax Hair Removal Bar today if you are interested in anal bleaching, and we will arrange your session as soon as you like!