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OK so you have made the decision to try waxing.  You realized that it is superior to shaving for looks and times in between the procedure, and now you are wondering if you should wax at home or go to a professional waxing salon like ours.  Well aside form the fact that we want your business, we can also assure you that not only will you get a better result if we do it for you, it will also hurt less.

Shaving cuts your hair off at the skin surface or just below it, meaning that the hair will begin to show above the surface of our skin again within a very short period of time.  Typically you will feel and begin to see razor stubble within a few hours, or maybe a day or two depending on the body part and your genetics, but there is almost no chance that you will not have to shave again really quickly.  In addition to having to go through the process again so quickly, you are probably going to get at least a few ingrown hairs that will appear to look like pimples on your skin.  This is caused by the hair’s blunted edge that you cut off not being able to break through the natural area of our skin where it would normally exit.  Instead, it continues to grow under your skin and eventually causes a small bump and potentially a minor infection.  The hair will either continue to grow in this fashion and make the bump bigger and bigger, or it will finally break through and be alleviated.  Either way, ingrown hairs are ugly and shaving only lasts a short time.

If you wax, you are removing the entire hair down to the root.  This means that there is a significantly longer period that it is going to take for that hair to make it to the surface of the skin and be able to be seen or felt.  In addition, the hair will be allowed to grow in a natural shape and without the blunted edge that shaving provides, meaning that there is less chance for the hair to become ingrown as it is growing in a natural shape for your skin.  With the longer times in between procedures and the lesser propensity for ingrown hairs, waxing just makes sense.  Waxing also hurts a little.

When you wax, you are pulling the hair our from the root and it causes pain.  There are specific ways to remove the wax from your skin that will cause less pain than an untrained person can produce, so the advantage of having a professional do the waxing is that it will hurt less and probably be far more effective than if you did it at home.  Also, the products that we use to adhere to the hair cause less binding to the skin than at home products, which leads to less irritation when it is removed.  By causing less trauma to your skin, we are able to get more hair removed using less wax than you can, and by going over an area fewer times.  This produces a more pleasing look with far less trauma, one that last longer and is sure to please.