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It is common for some people to deviate from their regular practices around special occasions. This might mean things like working out or dieting in the time leading up to an event like New Years Eve, parties or weddings where you know you will be wearing something special and you want to look good in it. This can also involve more intimate decisions like waxing over shaving ahead of a special event like an anniversary or birthday. While we believe that you should wax all the time (of course we are going to say that, being a professional waxing studio,) we understand that not everyone is going to want to wax as part of their regular routine, nor can everyone make it into one of our salons regularly. From the people who only wax around special occasions (or those considering it for the first time) we have a little advice for you to prepare for that service, and how to make it an experience that you might consider more regularly.

Let your hair grow in for a while. Yes, this is the best advice we can give you if you are looking for that completely smooth and hair-free look around the time of a specific event. You are probably going to want to stop shaving two weeks previous to your last shave in order to get the best results. This is going to allow your hair to grow long enough and bring as many hair cycles to the top of the skin so that our technician will be able to give you the best results possible. Keep in mind that the process of waxing involves spreading warm wax on the surface of your skin in order to trap the hair when it dries. The quick motion of the technician will remove the wax from your skin then pulls out the hair by the root, which is how the smoothest look possible is achieved. If the hair has not sufficiently grown in enough or you still have hair cycles under the skin then the hair will not be able to be pulled out effectively, you are going to need more than one application in the same area (which may cause some irritation) or you are going to not be able to have the hair removed at that point using wax, which may mean the technician needs to use tweezers to remove the stray hairs. This process is not ideal, takes longer and can irritate your skin. The best service involves a single pass of the wax, removing as many of the hairs as possible in a single motion.

Wax a day or so early. If you want that smooth look for a specific night, it is probably best to perform your wax the day before. That way, any slight irritation that your skin has encountered after the waxing session will have a chance to calm down. Red areas will subside over the course of 24 hours, and you will be looking your best for the days following that period and previous to the point when the hair regrows through the skin in about 1.5 to 2 weeks. Keep this timeframe in mind if you are planning a special wax.

Preparing for your wax and scheduling it to coincide with the special event will get you the best results, and give you a look that you will want to keep all the time.