The Top Henderson Waxing Salon
March 29th, 2018

Of course every business claims they are the best at what they do, you see it every day in marketing and advertising on billboards, television commercials and magazine ads. This is easy to claim because it is subjective, and as long as there are no legal aspects of claiming to be the best, then everyone is going to be able to make the claim. It is probably far more reliable to trust the opinions of actual customers other than the advertising you see, but there are actually real elements that can prove that we are actually the best waxing salon in the area. Aside from the obvious aspects that all waxing salons in Henderson are going to claim, that they are convenient to shopping and have lots of parking, we feel that there are two very real elements that make our salon the best. First is the fact that we use specialized wax blends that have been researched by our ownership and management for many years in order to come up with the products that are going to remove hair the best without irritating your skin. These products are combined with a specific application and removal process that all of our Waxperts use, the technique being developed by our owner herself. While the actual process of removing hair from your body in a way that leaves you smooth and without irritation for long periods of time does put us above other salons, it is our attitude that really separates us.

Wax Hair Removal Bar was created by a single philosophy, to provide the best quality waxing services at the best prices. Many salons get a little bit lost in their message and end up trying to be more like a spa than a waxing salon. They try to make sure everyone is comfortable with soothing music and couches to lounge on. At Wax Hair Removal Bar we have always understood that you are not coming here to get a massage, you are coming here to get waxed. It is far more like a medical procedure than going to the spa, so we set our salons up to feel more like a doctor’s office. Our waxing salons are clean and well lit, and you are not going to find elements that make it feel like we cater to one sex or the other. At our salons all guests are equal and we feel they should be treated with respect. Whether you are male or female you are going to have a full suite of choices and ability to get every portion of your body waxed. If you would like teeth whitening or anal bleaching, you will also have the option to do so no matter if you are male or female. Many other salons do not treat men and women the same, any will feel far more like they are catering only to women. We understand that men want to get waxed too.

If you are looking for a new waxing salon in Henderson we ask you to try us first. We are sure you will have a great experience and will be more than satisfied with our service. We are also sure that once you experience the way we do things, you will never want to go back to your old salon again.