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Wax Hair Removal Bar has contracted the services of Focus Internet Services, the leading Las Vegas SEO and website design firm.  The company will provide and launch a new website that is in line with modern design and is compatible with all internet connected devices (responsive) as well as being in line with the specific aspects of presentation that Google is requiring.  The new website will be the first step toward creating higher rankings for searches within the Las Vegas area that describe the services and products that are provided at the salons, as well as nationally for the products and potentially franchise information.  The project itself is complex in that it will need to be both localized for the Las Vegas and Vancouver areas where Wax Hair Removal Bar has physical locations, but also national because of these locations selling products to customers worldwide through the website.

Focus Internet Services will provide ongoing search engine optimization services for both the website as well as the connected Youtube channel, which has grown quite popular globally.  The Youtube channel will display actual procedures that are performed within the salons, as well as product reviews and promotional material.  This channel is expected to provide support for the website and drive traffic to it, which will in turn produce higher organic rankings.  Wax Hair Removal Bar understands that their new potential clients are utilizing the internet and social media almost exclusively to make decisions as far as their body grooming and beautification needs, and as a result they must maintain a high rank on search engines for the terms that describe the services and products, as well as an active social media presence in order to keep customers engaged.  The combination of ongoing SEO and social media will produce the rank positions that are sought after within this competitive space.

Focus Internet Services is the premier SEO and web design company in Las Vegas, and has been providing online marketing services to the local community as well as nationally for nearly ten consecutive years.  Wax Hair Removal Bar is confident that Focus Internet Services will provide them the attention to detail and commitment to excellence that has defined them over the years.  Being located in the Las Vegas area is an important factor in order to facilitate ongoing clear communication, and the fact that Focus is also nationally recognized as providing intelligent SEO work is also important.