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Lets face it, waxing hurts.  When people are considering a method of hair removal, they are usually comparing waxing to shaving, and mulling over the pain that is involved with waxing against the poor results that are given with shaving.  One thing that many people are probably not considering is that waxing in a professional salon hurts less than waxing at home.  The decision to go with waxing over shaving is usually made by a person willing to endure a certain amount of pain in order to get the results they are looking for, and being professionally waxed reduces that pain significantly which may open up those who had never considered it before to the process.  Wax Hair Removal Bar is a leader in the field, going as far as to creating our own unique training methods to make sure our employees provide not only the best results from your visit, but also the least amount of pain.

Shaving removes hair from your body from the point of it’s exiting the skin.  This means that when you shave you are cutting off the hair either at the surface of the skin or just below the surface of the skin, and you are cutting it off so that it is blunted on the end.  This procedure produces a hairless appearance that lasts only as long as it takes for the hair to once again exit the skin surface, which can vary as far as time from person to person.  The typical time for hair to be able to be seen above the surface of the skin will generally depend on the body part and the genetics of the person, but you can pretty much assume that if you shave you will be seeing and feeling stubble within a day or two.  In addition to stubble, you will probably also get a number of ingrown hairs, which are areas that the blunted end of the hair was not able to exit the skin and instead begins to grow under the surface.  This causes bumps on the skin and tiny areas of infection until the hair finally breaks free and is able to grow outside of the body again.  Shaving is an inferior method of hair removal to waxing, the only real benefit being that it does not produce much pain.

Waxing is the process of applying heated liquid wax to the surface of the skin which dries and holds on to the hair.  The wax is pulled away from the skin quickly, pulling the hair out of the skin by the root, and removing the entire hair instead of just the part that is exposed.  By removing the hair that is below the skin in addition to the hair which is seem above the skin surface, you allow for a far longer period before the hair will grow back to the point of being seen or felt above the skin.  The natural shape of the hair also allows for less ingrown hairs, as it proceeds through it’s course naturally instead of in a blunted shape.  Professional waxing uses a product which is less irritating to the skin itself to remove the hair, and the methods of removing the wax by a trained person will produce less pain simply due to the faster procedure than you can accomplish at home.  Give professional waxing a try today at any of our salons.