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A question that we are often asked is “how can I own my own waxing salon?” There is a really easy answer to that question, because Wax Hair Removal Bar offers an affordable waxing salon franchise opportunity that can allow those who want to own their own business to do so without the extraordinary expense that comes with so many other franchises.  One of the main frustrations with regards to starting a business is not understanding what is necessary to set it up and run it on a daily business, along with the challenges of keeping enough customers coming back to keep the lights on.  The experience can be quite intimidating for those without a lot of knowledge on starting a business, or without someone to help them along the way.  This is the main reason that you should contact us today to find out about our franchise opportunities.  If you are interested in the waxing industry, we can provide you with all of the tools that you need to be successful.

A franchise needs to be a proven concept that a small business person can utilize to become a business owner while getting ongoing support that will provide them with the same opportunities for success that the other locations share.  The creation of a viable concept that can be packaged into a viable business model and brand that will provide a better possibility for success than trying to create a concept on your own is the entire point of a franchise.  The franchise itself needs to have gone through the process of working out all of the things that work and all of the things that do not work, and needs to have made all of the mistakes that would typically be made during a startup, so that you do not have to make those mistakes in order to learn what works.  The beauty of a Wax Hair Removal Bar franchise is that the business was hand built from scratch by Luba Sasowski, a self-made businesswoman who has created multiple locations in multiple countries for the brand that continue to be corporate-owned and operated to this day.  Ms. Sasowski maintains a day to day involvement in the business as well as the industry in order to keep a keen understanding of the latest trends, the best marketing, the best products and the service necessities that make Wax Hair Removal Bar a leader in the industry.  Your new franchise ill be created using a proven business plan that has been profitable in many locations for many years.

When you contact our office to inquire about your franchise, you will be able to be rest assured that you are making a choice to purchase a business that not only understands but leads the market.  Typically, franchises can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase, but Wax Hair Removal Bar franchises are priced to allow your store to be fit to your budget, within certain specifications.  This gives us the ability to provide you with multiple size options and equipment necessities that will get you started and growing, owning a business and working for yourself without the huge investment commitments that other franchises require.  We understand how hard it is to start a business of your own, and our goal is to use our waxing salon franchise opportunity to make it easy and profitable.