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The Henderson Nevada area is known for being middle class to upper middle class, leaning towards a slightly more wealthy group of citizens than other areas surrounding it. As such, we find a greater density of personal care businesses in Henderson than elsewhere, with more beauty salons, hair and nail salons, skin treatment facilities and dentists catering to cosmetic procedures. People in Henderson tend to place more time and effort on personal appearance than elsewhere, with a culture of both looking and feeling good about yourself being pervasive within the city. Henderson prides itself as being a neighbor of Las Vegas, but not being defined in the same way Las Vegas is. The residents of Henderson feel the same way, that they are distinctly “Henderson” in their approach on life and feeling good.

Personal grooming is important to many Henderson residents, and keeping your body smooth and hair-free is part of both the summer bikini/bathing suit season as well as throughout the year. People from both sexes are interested in maintaining their appearance both over and under their clothing, and as such waxing is a big part of the culture. Waxing is a superior method of hair removal over shaving or other methods that are done at home, and professional waxing is superior to at-home waxing. From the standpoint of longevity of the actual “hair free” time, you get more time in between waxes than you do in between shaves, because the hair is removed to a deeper level by waxing than shaving. Shaving cuts the hair just slightly below the surface of your skin, making it so that blunted stubble begins appearing above the skin within a day or so. Body waxing removes the hair down to the root, allowing upwards of two weeks to go by before you will begin seeing hair. In addition, you will not be getting a blunted stubble look, and instead the hair will grow back in a more natural way. This is going to make the hair that has appeared above the skin in between waxes appear more light and thin, being a far less messy appearance than razor stubble. Waxing itself being a superior process is still somewhat defined by the process of waxing that is employed to remove the hair. Wax Hair Removal Bar has a specific process that has been developed and trained on by all employees, as well as using specialized blends of the finest hard and soft waxes available on the market. Simply put, you may be able to perform a wax on yourself at home, but you are not going to be able to get the results that we get for you in one of our professional salons. You will also probably cause a large amount of irritation to your skin in you wax at home, as opposed to the nearly complete lack of irritation that you will get from our process. Is it painful? Of course there is a certain amount of pain, but it is worth a little pain to get the best hair removal process on the market.

Our Henderson location is available for appointments and some walk-in, but it is best to always call ahead to make sure we can take you. Our location is bright and professional, and is dedicated to providing the best waxing services in the country.