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At Wax Hair Removal Bar locations, we do anal bleaching.  Yes, you read that correctly, one of the services that we do for our clients is anal bleaching.  The reason that this might come as a shock to you is that there are not a lot of places out there where you can get anal bleaching services, and the majority of times you are going to have to buy a bleach kit online and then try and do it yourself at home.  Just like waxing, the results you are going to get from having a service like this one done professionally is going to be far better than if you try to do it yourself, so we started providing it to our customers.  Many people do not understand anal bleaching, and because of their lack of knowledge about the process they might be a little apprehensive to have it done.  Other people might not understand why someone would want it done.  Well, we aren’t going to go into the motivations because every person has their own, but lets just say that for many people having their private areas look as good as possible is important.  As we get older or have changing hormones or friction and heat in the area, the skin around your anus gets darker and darker, and in order to have a more youthful and healthy appearance to anyone who might be seeing that area of you, anal bleaching will work wonders!

But how exactly does the process of getting professional anal bleaching work, when you come into one of our salons? Thats easy, if you come in for waxing we will do your anal bleaching procedure after you have had your wax.  If you come in just for anal bleaching, then the entire process only takes a few minutes and is completely painless.  The Waxpert will ask you to remove your clothing covering that area and you will cover yourself with a towel until they enter the room.  Once you are ready, the Waxpert will prepare a bleaching gel which will be applied to the anus region and left on.  The process involves three steps in which we clean the area with an accelerating wash to remove any debris, oil or dirt.  Then we apply a small amount of the bleaching gel, which uses a mix of bear berry and licorice root.   This mixture naturally exfoliates the top layer of the skin as well as underneath the skin.  The third step is a soothing lotion which is left on in order to reduce any friction or heat which would cause dark pigments to return.   Our professional process is far superior to home kits which can cause discomfort and potentially burn the area.  This is one of the hazards of trying this kind of procedure at home, and if you leave the bleach on the area too long you can harm the skin (which is no fun!)

Because anal bleaching requires an experienced technician in order to achieve good results, it is not offered everywhere.  Contact your location of choice to make sure that it is one of the services that is offered, and ask about the procedure.  We would be happy to fill in any blanks that you might have, and answer any questions.