Teeth Whitening


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Duration: 30 minutes

Duration: 30 minutes

When booked in 3 months after the first treatment

We use a 35% Carbamide peroxide pre filled tray which releases about 50% of its whitening power in the first two hours and can remain active for up to six additional hour after your session. The number of sessions a person will need depends not on carbamide peroxide, but on the individual’s unique needs and rate of tooth color change. Everyone is different therefore results cannot be guaranteed.

  1. Q: Is teeth whitening really safe for salons or spas?
    A: YES! Years of teeth whitening in dental offices has proven that it is totally safe. Occasionally, problems such as teeth sensitivity or gum irritation maybe experienced; however these are only temporary.
  2. Q: Teeth How does the whitening treatment work?
    A: First, the impressions of the teeth are taken using a tray filled with a special silicone compound. After shaping the tray for the upper and lower teeth, the whitening gel which contains an active ingredient, hydrogen peroxide and photo-ion are applied to the trays. The tray is inserted into the mouth and left in place for 30 minutes.
  3. Q: How long will it take before my teeth are whiter?
    A: Whitening results often become apparent during the first treatment. Typically, the whitening affect becomes even more evident after a second treatment. Teeth will continue to whiten with each treatment until desired results are achieved.
  4. Q: How long does the effect of teeth whitening last?
    A: For most people, the results are long lasting. Exposure to coffee, tea, tobacco, red wine and other certain stain producing substances will eventually darken teeth again over time.

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